COVID/Virtual Learning Resources



Calendar Schedule for Wednesdays

Grades 5-12

                                     Cohort                  Cycle Day

March   3              AA                          A

March 10             BB                          B

March 17             AA                          B

March 24             BB                           A

April 7                   AA                          A

April 14                  *                            B

April 21                                                B

April 28                                                 A

May 5                                                    A

May 12                                                 B

May 19                                                 B

May 26                                                 A

June 2                                                   A

June 9                                                   B

June 16                                                 B

June 23                                                 A


* Beginning April 12, all students selecting "in-person" learning will be in on Wednesdays.

Attendance (Fourth Quarter)

Nanuet High School

Attendance Procedures

Next Phase of Reopening

 Begins Monday, April 12th

5 days of in-person learning or 100% Virtual


Beginning Monday April 12, 2021, with the exception of students in the fully virtual classrooms, students will come to school Monday through Friday for in-person learning.  


As a result, the following attendance procedures will be implemented:


  • If a child is not present in school, they will be marked absent. Please call Missy Vanderploeg (845) 627-9825 to inform the school of your child’s absence.
  • Because we are in-person 5 days a week, if a child is absent they cannot Zoom into the classroom.  Zooming into class off and on is no longer an option. 
  • If a child will be absent for 3 or more consecutive days, work can be requested by the parents through our guidance office.  The teacher will need 48 hours to prepare the material and the work will have to be picked up from the tables in the lobby.
  • CTEC students will have a predetermined Wednesday schedule through guidance office to meet educational needs.
  • The only exceptions to the above procedures is if a child is under a DOH quarantine or COVID related illness. If a child is under a DOH quarantine due to exposure, the following will occur:
    • Work will be provided and the child will be able to Zoom into classes for the length of the quarantine.
    • Access to the work will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the teacher and may include pickup of materials at school or electronically disseminated by email. 

In person students must continue to fill out the attestation form on OPEROO every morning prior to entering the building. Any student experiencing any symptoms is urged to remain home, call the attendance office report the absence, and seek medical attention if/when necessary. Our priority is the health and safety of all our students and faculty.