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follet shelf e-books visit our growing collection of fiction, nonfiction, literary criticism and reference ebooks. Stop by the high school media center for a follett shelf username and passcode. Your student username and passcode will not work

databases for 24/7 learning provides student and teacher access to authoritative subscription-based research databases including science, technology, history/geography and literature journal articles. Historical newspapers, magazines and many other reference materials are included. These databases are supported via the Rockland BOCES system and NY Novel databases. 


If logging in from home, you will need a public library card to login. Sponsored by Nanuet Public Library/NY Novel Databases.
Use this database research tool to help narrow topics by selecting the "topic finder tab" and entering a keyword search term. The search engine's algorithm will search all of its indexed files and return a wheel of related topics, helping you narrow your focus. Select a term to generate a list of articles to support your research. Write down some of the related keywords to continue your research in other databases.
Access to articles, primary sources and books. Create your own username and password. Make sure institution selected is Nanuet Public Schools. You can store three articles in our shelf at a time. If you need more, download and save articles as needed to your student drive or another location. Funded by Nanuet School District. Create your own username/password.
You may need a working public library card to access these databases. Log in with the number under the barcode. Your password is typically the last four digits of the phone number you signed up for you public library card with. These databased are funded by the NYNovel databases, Ramapo Catskill Library System and Nanuet Public Library.
is a web-based software that formats mla and apa citations for you! noodletools also answers the toughest questions on how to properly follow mla and apa research rules and standards.

Research Databases

Opposing viewpoints in context

is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration, to violent video games. Opposing viewpoints in context is cross-curricular and supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes.

Literary Criticism

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Follett Shelf E-Book Collection
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Ancient River Valley Project



Google Earth-On the desktop,ask Ms.O'Reilly if you need help accessing.

A note about using Google and /or the free web: You may do so, but you need to think critically about the source and evaluate the web material you choose. The following are questions you can use to verify the quality of the source:
1. Author: Who wrote the web page? Is the person an authority on the topic? What credentials does the author/site have?
2. Purpose: What is the goal of the site? Why did the author publish this information on this site? Is the information accurate? How does it fit the goal of your project?
3. Audience:  Does the site clearly identify the intended audience? Are you a part of the intended audience?
4. Publication:  When was this site published or last updated? Is this information current?

AP Biology

Jstor- For academic articles and research

GREENR- For basic reference information and academic articles.

Coastal Atlantic Sea Creatures: A Natural History, by Robert Bachand

Student Resources from The Maritime Aquarium

OPALS- search our very own Library Media Center's print sources for reference and research needs


To Kill a Mockingbird

The Big Read- National Endowment for Arts

Jim Crow Museum

PBS Jim Crow

Understanding Prejudice

Jim Crow, Ferris University
(Found by Dennis Van Dunk) Images from Jim Crow era

The South Speaks
An article from 1933 on the Scottsboro Boys Trial

The Trial of The Scottsboro Boys

American Digital Histories

American Memory Project
The Library of Congress's comprehensive collection of interviews that reveals the many and varied life experiences of Americans.

Southern Woman Trailblazers
This website offers insights into the role of woman in the South. "Southern Womanhood"

The Murder of Emmett Till

Little Rock 9- Civil Liberties

Also, See Prejudice packet in library and Student Common folder: Jakymiw 9, TKAM